Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I love about Caledon: King’s College School:

I’ve made my home in Caledon for the past twelve years and I’m always discovering something new. We are a community of creative and energetic people, so you never know what your neighbours are up to. Just recently I discovered a hidden gem that deserves to be brought to light. King’s College School is a small but mighty private day school in Caledon East, whose students are already making a mark on the world. Founded in 1994 by a mother who wanted more for her children than the public school system was offering, the school now can accommodate up to 40 students, grades 3 to 12, with a teacher/student ratio of 1 to 5. To date, every graduate has found a placement in the university of his or her choice. But academic excellence is only part of the school’s mandate. Barbara Lord and her co-director, John Eta, feel strongly that students should be educated to develop leadership skills and to understand the social contributions they can make in their community, the workplace, and the global village. Locally this takes the form of participation in environmental events and inviting local Caledon leaders to speak to students. On the world stage, the role of the school has been remarkable! In 2004 senior students decided to send a collection of books to Kumba, Cameroon, to start a reading room for children there. A year later several students, faculty and parents travelled to Cameroon to see where the books had gone. They were so moved by the spirit of the people of the country that they came home and started fundraising to build a school there. Eta Colleges Kumba is now a thriving institution, with ongoing support from the King’s College School community. Can you imagine what kind of impact King’s College School is having on their students?! If you’d like your child to share this experience, contact the school at 905-880-7645 or visit their website at

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