Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things I love about Caledon: The Naked Cafe

Finally there is a place to go for lunch in Bolton that doesn’t induce a mid-afternoon slump. The first time I ate at The Naked Café, I swore I would never touch another hamburger! Their “Liquid Lunch” left me feeling so energized I sailed through the rest of the day. Now, their liquid lunch is NOT the two martini version; it consists of a stick of celery, a carrot, a half a cucumber, an apple, some dill and a generous helping of vegan protein powder, all juiced together. And the rest of their menu is just as healthy and just as delicious: made-to-order fruit smoothies and an array of juiced vegetables to suit every taste. There’s always a hot entrée and a choice of soups for a cold winter’s day, all made from natural, organic fruits, vegetables, grains and sometimes even meat. The coffee and tea they serve is fair trade organic, and they even have a healthy version of hot chocolate, high in anti-oxidants. The Naked Café is located next to Just Lubes on the northwest corner of Queen Street and Ellwood Drive. It is the dream-child of long-time Bolton resident Svetlana Fetterly, who left a successful career in the corporate food industry to pursue a certificate in Natural Nutrition. The Café opened its doors on November 7, 2011 and business is growing as quickly as the word can spread. Try it – you’ll love it, too.

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